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Woahwah it's been too long... [15 Apr 2005|07:23pm]
I just realized i haven't updated for like three weeks, since naples wow. Well lets see...

I remember saturday April 2nd the day i found out about FSU, and how i didn't get accepted. i was so upset but i was determined to get accepted so tuesday i was on a flight to tallahassee, i would love to say yeah just like that impressive huh, but let me tell you it was hell. first of all i was planning on going monday so that i wouldn't miss tuesday because i was going to miss the whole week anyway for states in tampa. tickets were sold out for every flight imaginable, it was so depressing. finally i found one for tuesday, a same day round trip. to my knowledge my father wasn't going to be coming home from europe til like friday or saturday but turns out he came on monday night! so explaining it to him was a bitch. he didn't want to let me go but i knew that if i went somehow i would get accepted to FSU i just knew it. i begged, like i never ever had before. finally he said yes but i knew he was so dissapointed in me and it hurt so much but i had to go.

tuesday morning 3 am, woke up to get ready and head out to miami airport for my flight at 5. that flight was so short cus i slept the whole way to atlanta. then from atlanta i was on another flight to talahassee, and when i got there my amazing bf was there with a rose and all the kisses i was desiring so badly. he gave me the tour of talahassee and we headed to osceola. we went to his room and i got the tour in there too. he had some hmw to finish up before class so i helped him with it, but it wasn't long before we greeted each other INFORMALLY lol. it was amazing. i just love him so much and it felt so great doing it in his bed at his dorm in talahasse (hoes in diff area codes lol) so then i headed off to admissions and he headed off to class. at admissions i found out that i wasn't going to get accepted so i decided to talk to the director. she then decided to help me. she said as long as i did two english and two math at TCC (which normally you would have to do 2 YEARS) she said then i could come to FSU in the spring, in JANUARY! i was thrilled, the catch was that i needed an A/B average. but i didn't think it would be that big of a deal, i was so happy. then i met danny at his chem class and we went to the comp lab to register at TCC, everything was set. danny had to go to another class and i went to osceola to find out information about dorming there. i then went back to danny's room and typed up this two page report on all the terms and conditions so my dad couldn't possibly say no. danny came back and we took a little nap which turned into first meeting his roomate while i was umm "kissing" danny lol then his roomate left and we hopped in the shower, believe it or not those tiny showers yeah well its possible to do it in em believe me. lol. again another orgasmic experience. and sadly it was time for me to go home. it was so sad but we were both relieved that soon enough i would be up there with him. so my flight got in and me and my dad got into this massive argument about how im irresponsible blah blah then he's like ill think about this TCC business and ill call this director lady, then he proceeded to talk to me about sex, which was lets just say the most uncomfortable moment my father and i have had since the time he walked in on me and saw my boobs lol ( i have this fear with nudity, i don't know why)

wednesday i was off to tampa with my girls! States! we drove up and garcia and i jammed to my ipod, oh wait i almost forgot, the senior boys rode their bikes to school it was hilarious and dr. perhla was so pissed but i swear it was so funny, ok the bus ride was long but then at our first stop we ate at bob evans the traditional resturaunt that us thespies go to lol and go food and dessert-to go. we stuffed our faces on the bus and then i fell asleep til we got to tampa. at the hotel we unpacked and just chilled til we went to dinner at bennigans then came home to sleep cus the next day we had to wake up early the trip was awesome i kinda don't want to go into detail cus im getting tired of typing but maybe ill come on later and update....

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I love him [02 Apr 2005|09:00pm]
Wonder Woman,

You are my world, you are my sunshine. I love the way you love me. I love the way I love you. Ever since our first kiss it's like one long fantasy I am experiencing. I can't beleive how great it feels. I can't beleive love was so great. And now that I have something I don't want to let go of, I realize that no matter what, no matter the situation, I will never let it go unless I feel we are no longer in love. Although the events of April 2, 2005 would have seemed to cause a break in this fantasy, I feel like something like this couldn't hinder my love for you. I just hope that we can fix a wrong decision that was made on this day, so my future with you will ...like my dreams come true.


When you love someone,
all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
- Elizabeth Bowen -
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Love [01 Apr 2005|01:57pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I found this picture and just had to put it on my lj, its' beautiful.
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Naples....then the poo poo platter... [01 Apr 2005|09:33am]
[ mood | crappy ]

So Monday i was feeling a little rebellious so i took my dad's beemer, driving that car is so fucking sweet i love it.i headed over to Garcia's to prep for out trip to Naples, we met the girls at publix and shopped for daquiri and pina colada mix and junk food and last but not least COOKIES, lol these come in handy later on lol. i went home to pack then to cuchada's house to burn a cd then off to garcia for the pre-naples sleepover lol. turned out it was just me and her, and we entertained ourselves by reading "how to be a sex goddes" got some good tips too!

Rise and shine tuesday morning garcia and i got ready for the trip, and we specifically said meet at garcia's at 8....8:05 sandoval: we said 8:30 right?! lol so of course garcia and i are the only ones on time as usual lol. finally them hoes arrived lol and we left garcias by like 9, on the road to naples woohooo....i had shotgun cus im the only one who is directionally inclined lol. in the car we watched anchorman lol SCORPION WOMAN IM GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE OVARIE! we got to the fairfield no problems, we didn't get lost once, thanks to yours truly lol. garcia and i walked in to check in and turns out you have to be 21 to check into a marriot even tho they told garcia you had to be 18 over the phone! so we drove around and found this cute little inn called the lemon tree inn, where all that they cared about was if you had a fucking credit card lol. it was better too cus it was like 15 min walking to the beach while the fairfield was like 30! we settled in somewhat and got our bathing suits on and headed to the beach. we tanned for a few hours and me and sandoval and dee went back to the room cus i was starving, what else is new?!, we got the room and i heated up a chef-boy-r-dee, lol we are such geniuses but we forgot spoons so i cut the top of a stirofoam cup and used it as a spoon lol. dee and sandoval went to cvs while i layed out by the pool. we all got so golden lol. i fell asleep and dee and sandoval went out the pool. garcia and merise came back and we all took showers to get ready for dinner. i couldn't figure out what to wear so i tried on like 18 shirts lol. finally we left and i was craving steak so we went to this place called E.B.'s steakery. so we sit down and well lets just say that the next person older than us was like 90 lol it was sad but w/e the waitress came and i asked for a strawberry lemonade lol and she's like no we don't have that and im like umm its on the menu and she goes no its not lol and she goes no thats strawberry. im like ok well bring me strawberry lol. we ordered and there still wasn't any bread on the table. lol so i asked another waiter if we could get bread and he's like of course who's ur waiter lol so since im the only one with balls i seemed like the bitch of the table but the waitress was an idiot lol what was i supposed to do? anyways merise and garcia wanted me to put myself in her shoes and im like in life you have to be strong and im strong, and merise goes no, your mean! then there was silence. hmm....ok then we ate and left and when we were in the car garcia said the infamous line "im gonna get crunk and have some coookies!" lol, we got to the hotel and the crunkness began...lol thats all you need to know.

wednesday woke up with a hangover. we all got dressed to go the beach and since we were so burnt garcia and i decided to just go lay in the pool, the beach was too cold. so garcia and i layed by the pool then went into our new room and merise called to be picked up cus she was tired and was stung by a jelly fish. we picked up the girls and me garcia and merise headed to get our toes done. we found a mall, it was like a sanctuary lol isn't it sad how delighted the mall makes us?...we got some ice cream and then we found a place to do our toes and nails. we all felt so awkuard lol cus we were in beach wear lol . then we shopped around and finally left to get ready to go to dinner. we ate at olive garden where we had the sweetest waitress. omg everyone who worked in olive garden had blonde hair and there was this one guy with like a feathery head that everytime he passed we all cracked up. i told the hostess it was sandovals bday so we cut her a cake. we left and went back to the room, then decided to go see ms. congeniality 2, which was pretty gay if you ask me. lol. as we were heading back garcia needed gas and i was yelling out the window to some strangers that shaving your pubes does not rid you of crab infestation lol, garcia was so red it was hilarious. the we were at a red light and i started shaking my ass for this red truck filled with boys, lol they were like meet us at bennigans lol finally we got back to the hotel and garcia and i knocked out.

thursday garcia and i woke up to bring the girls manhattan bagels. we drove home and our voyage ended.


i couldn't sleep i was so nervous about fsu. i was supposed to find out today and turns out as a sick prank we don't find out til tomm. and if the website isn't working we don't know til monday. how fucked up is that. now i have to worry some more, i was so looking forward to just not having to think about this anymore but no now i have to wait some more ugh!

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Do i deserve to? [28 Mar 2005|08:29am]
OK so i think i have the world record for checking my online status for FSU and you know what i have to fucking wait til friday. i am a wreck about this, im so nervous, and scared. if i don't get accepted i don't know what ill do, where ill go....i mean this means everything to me. do i deserve to go? i mean if i continue to lie to myself and be like yes christina you tried your hardest blah blah but did i really? i mean i fucked up so bad through school and finally i decide hey this time ill be better, is that enough. i mean how fair is it that people who bust their asses all through school get in and then someone out of sheer luck passes the bar and gets accepted. i mean seriously how fair is that? this girl i know got in with absolutely no credentials. i mean 2.4 and a 1270....yeah i mean its a great SAT score but how can that possibly balance the fact that she's a dumbass? i have a 2.9 and a 1160 and by the end of this year a 3.0 and look at me, im in limbo. danny, my moms, my friends, they all say don't worry about it you'll get in, but what the hell do they know? danny says i deserve to get in, i mean come on do i really? im pathetic and it hurts to feel this way but i might as well be going to BCC, no mocking it or anything i just had so much higher aspirations than that. i remember when i wanted to do law and go to boston, or when i wanted to do journalism and go to flagler, and now i want to be a podiatrist and go to FSU and well im shit out of luck. my father and my family will be so dissapointed in me. thats exactly what i need. god this is so nerve wrecking. i hate this. i wish i knew already. i doubt these last days are the days the admissions committee is lookign through my file. and if they are im sure they've already made their quota with the below average students. i mean the dumbass 2.4 is spanish too....so i guess they didn't have many options. god i gave myself the short end of the stick im so fucking stupid. i hate this i hate this i hate this. i need to go back to sleep.

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gone.. [27 Mar 2005|08:54pm]
i love it when your so deep inside me, penetrating every part of my body with ecstasy i can't help it i can't control myself, it feel so good it hurts. i scream, i pant, i lose my breath. harder, deeper, faster....i beg. who would've thought you could make me so vulnerable so addicted, so needy. your deeper then where u are, you are in my brain in my mind and much further, my soul.


i love waking up next to you, spending 18 hours with you yet not wanting you to leave, taking showers with you, massaging you, having you cook for me, doing dishes with you, cleaning your room, shopping with you, eating out with you, spending time with your family...............

takes hours to pick what he's going to eat
washes his face in public restrooms
opens public restroom doors with a napkin
sends food back if he doesn' tlike the way it looks
has a.d.d
takes at least 4 showers a day
can't sleep in
listens to incubus
listens to house music
listens to music for the sound not the words
enjoys violent movies, war movies, and such
laughs at me when i do my antsy dance
tells me im beautiful when im squirming cus my stomach hurts
can't wash his pans
hates seeing people on drugs
thinks men who beat their wives should die
thinks certain people don't deserve to live
wants to live forever
has mastered the art of sex
mocks his mother
laughs at his father
loves to tickle his grandmother
can play two songs on the piano
lost to me in wrestling
lost to me in holding your breath underwater
has seen me pee, lol four times
appreciates me
can make me melt with his kisses
can wipe my tears with his smile
comforts me
loves me
doesn't make me compromise myself
is a genius
is stubborn
psychoanalyzes our arguments
is all about what is essential
will spend hundreds of dollars on clothes for himself
loves my ass
loves cherries :wink:wink:
is somewhat of an atheist
only knows of his immediate family
manages to plan everything
likes to plan to spend money
is cheap
very cheap
did i say cheap already? lol
can't speak spanish
is half mexican/half puerto rican
worked at winn dixie
can supposedly make pizza
makes an adorable breakfast
likes banana peppers
loves my boobs
is kinky
brings out my kinkiness
hates people who cut him off
likes playing with my sister
thinks tears are not going to solve anything
can't remember the last time he cried
has few friends, but is sociable
is self concious about his chest
has the cutest little butt ever
has sexy cocoa brown skin
gives me movie kisses
build sand castles
loves the beach
likes pastelitos
can't stay still
doesn't like to run
has played almost every sport in his lifetime
is a scammer
will be extremely rich before he turns 35
puts all my ex boyfriends to shame
eats the inside of cuban bread and leaves the crust
can't eat bananas
eats pistachios although they make his tongue itch
looks like a koala
loves rubbing my skin
loves to crack my fingers and toes
can force his pinky all the way back
plays around a lot
is sarcastic
is a libra
gives great head
has amazing fingers
is ambidextrous...in the bedroom
is left handed

there is much more but ill stop there, im getting sleepy. baby i love you more than anything don't ever forget it.
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Spring Break [26 Mar 2005|09:25am]

Wednesday i decided to skip as you saw, then my baby came home, i had made him cupcakes it was so cute i surprised him then we went to nick soares party but on the way there found a little spot to you know....omg nick's party was so much fun lol for me at least! 4 cups and i was gone lol i met this girl sam from st thomas she was so cute then is at with greg koscs and talked about what girls in our school are hott lol and stuff then i guess i blanked out but danny said i was like kicking people and then when we left we drove to his pool house and well ya know lol he said i went crazy lol its the alcohol it makes me horny like a fucking mongoose, then danny took me home and put me to sleep then left...

thursday i woke up and went to go get danny cus we were going to the beach with my stepmom, i got to his house and he was still in his boxers sleeping lol so i woke him up, the best way i know how lol we went to the beach and layed out it was so cute danny rubbed the lotion on me and we just layed. then we went to this disgusting pizzaria where danny ate this nasty ass meat lovers pizza i swear it looked like goat and cow testicles were on it lol then we went back and started to make a huge sand castle lol we are so adorable lol danny should be a civil engineer lol ok then we drove back and i was upset about something so danny was trying to make me laugh by wrestling with me and omg we fell off the bed and i got a concussion! i went home crying like a little bitch cus i can't take pain. thursday night i just chilled with my aunt and watched a special on the health channel on sex lol it is possible to fracture a penis believe it or not.

friday i woke up and went straight to danny's in my pajamas lol little did i know dannys mom was home lol so we left and went to denny's then we were on our way to broward mall when danny's friend chris was driving by and we met him at the ford station, we picked up his brother then went to the mall. it was cute danny's friends are so odd tho lol he drives a fucking mustang gt i was like piddling all over myself lol hmm then what oh we went back to danny's house and i was so tired that i just fell asleep on his bed and i guess danny left to publix for something but when i woke up there was a pink rose and gummi bears laying next to me! wasn't that adorable? i know i know, then danny's mom made us dinner and danny, his mom, his dad, and me went to brandsmart lol looking for a tv. then danny and his dad set up the tv and danny and i went to see the ring 2, which btw wasn't as scary as i thought it was going to be! then danny and i went back to his house to get my car and we layed for a little bit but i was so exhausted i needed to leave or i wouldn't have been able to drive home, i got home and slept.

i can't wait til we go to naples its me garcia, merise, sandoval, and dee! its ggw if you know what i mean lol!

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Skipping again [21 Mar 2005|02:41pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Today i came to Carlos's house to skip since my parents are soon on their way to Paris, i hope immigration keeps them there for a long long time lol. Well as you can see my lovely background has changed and it looks very very beautiful thanks to Mr. Carlos Valle who again has held my hand through the world of livejournal.lol. I have rambling thoughts lol nothing new...

It amazes me how i can tell what your'e feeling by the way you breathe, slow and passionate describes the seriousness fast and heavy describes your frustration exhale inhale let me know. It amazes me how i know what your next line is by looking in your eyes, gazing forward and drinking me in or wandering around to avoid confrontation blink by blink you let me know. My hands do to you what they please they rub away stress and rub in ecstasy, my fingertips graze your skin inch by inch not missing one part of that incredible body that i am blessed to touch, they shiver doubting that the closeness is real.My eyes do more to you than my hands, much more that you may not be aware of, they follow you across the room watching tentatively at your every move, they stare at your lips when your'e talking to me, they roam over your entire body in disbelief, they rape you. Ive never been so comfortable around anyone, i feel beautiful whenever im around you, and when we lie naked its like a delicious dessert made of caramel and chocolate, both aphrodisiacs, and its true i taste you, you taste me, the rapture begins.when I speak to you my heart yells to you I love You.how can the brain think of words to say to you when it's distracted by the heart's cries of joy? my tongue stumbles over words that it isn't used to saying. you give my heart feelings that my brain can't put into words but it tries. what you hear is imperceptible to your ear but it is the phonetic representation of my heart and mind.I sit and stare,mesmerized, your eyelashes falling gently across your closed deep, brown eyes,I wait til you open them,to admire you further,your slow breathing, lips parted slightly,and I just might,reach out and touch those soft pink lips with my fingertips,and I smile,because i can call you mine

ok done

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In love [16 Mar 2005|06:28pm]
I Miss You...

I miss your warm eyes,
the way you listen and care.
I miss your kisses
and all that we share.

I miss you.

I miss the touch of your hand,
so reassuring and sincere,
and the moments we spend together,
that I hold dear.

I miss you.

I miss all of the caring
things you do,
and spending the evening
alone with you.

I miss you.

I look forward to tomorrow
knowing that then,
I'll be one day closer
to seeing you again.

You must have
guessed it by now...
I miss you!

Its only been omg not even a week and i miss this man more than anything. he comes back in two weeks but still i just want to hold him right now. we spent the past week and a half together i mean we were inseperable and i love it. last night danny kinda offended me and then we hung up a little hostile but five minutes later he called to apologize and tell me how much he loves me and how sorry he is lol he is amazing, we agree to disagree, we are so open about everything...sex, gross stuff, life, future, everything. i really need the comfort of knowing im accepted to fsu, once i have that omg i'll be so much happier and so will my dad and my family.

so im going to the optomotrist tomm. im going to be a dork and have glasses lol i need em tho no joke. ugh lol i thought i was perfect too lol jp far from that i know. eww im watching the preview for beauty shop adn the guy they picked for the hott leading man is ugly man now im not looking forward to this dumbass movie lol. well ill post at another time see yah later.

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ugh [16 Mar 2005|05:53pm]
I just spent like forever trying to load some pics and stupid fotobucket is being annoying, another time kiddies.
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My bf is so adorable [14 Mar 2005|09:45pm]
Danny: Babe this census guy came to me and was asking me all these questions

Tina: Like what?

Danny: Like how hott is my gf, and i said so fucking hott, like how much i love my gf, more than anything baby!

Tina: Babe your so adorable
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INtErEsTiNg [14 Mar 2005|05:19pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So turns out, along with my eating disorder which i apparently have according to my fat ass family who now decides to tell me im overweight (i weigh 120, two months ago 110 so yeah i've gotten some pudge but im not obese) anyways along with that carlos and i are a million miles apart.

Carlos lives down the street from me and ever since our little tiff which had nothing to do with us it had to do with one and me, well eversince that he and i have been off. i went running to his house today and i was surprised to see a new piercing, new haircut, and new attitude. so emo. lol he got mad because he is tired of the overuse of the word emo and i think he is hinding some underlying hostility. repressing your emotions isn't healthy but w/e. so then i told him to get over himself and left, i was down the street when he called me back but i think he needs time to think things through. i think it has a lot to do with the grounding his grades and i guess teenage angst lol. cuchada know im here and will be as long as i possibly can i love you no matter what.

Today was the lenten prayer service i had to dress like some corporate buisiness woman lol i looked hott lol but i had to do this damn skit 5 times and i was tired, i swear this birth control im on makes me naucious, hungry, tired, and blah. i think the weight i've gained is due to the bc, but its going everywhere but my boobs. when are my damn boobs going to grow? lol. so now im on this serious excersise diet type thing to get hott for spring break and prom. mr brown (the little one) came to me and asked me if i wanted to graduate lol because i haven't turned in my portfolio, maybe i don't want to graduate, i mean as of now i have nothing to look forward to no acceptances yet, but no denials, and well i dunno i just feel like im in this bermuda triangle, where i can't look ahead and can't look behind me.

i saw albert and linda yesterday (my aunt and uncle)and their kids abraham and natalia, they also said i gained weight, but albert is my favorite uncle, he has always had my back and is so spiritual but so funny and fun and a great father and husband. linda ive always liked cus she's so sweet and loving and their kids omg abraham is a little whiner but he is such a character and nati well she sounds like elmo lol and is the cutest thing ever. they live in tampa, i miss them so much i wish they lived down here, supposedly they might move down if albert gets a job here but it won't be for another year which won't really help me cus i might be away at college.

ugh college. so this girl who i despise got into fsu with a 2.4 and a 1270, and i've been waiting FOREVER to get in with a 2.9 and a 1160! her gpa is so much lower that her high SAT score can't possibly be the deciding factor, and extracurricular activities ha! she did liturgy club, that's it. i've done almost everything, SGA, ITS, tech club, lit club, journalism, tv pro, wrestling manager, sports med, iv'e competed in states, i was in band, ive been homeroom rep for 3 years and im now historian, i mean the list goes on, all the retreats ive led, my mainstage and community service plays wtf! it dissapoints me, i know my dad is dissapointed too and i know it dissapoints danny, i mean he says i deserve to get in but i dunno, maybe i don't. then im like well if her fat ass got in the ill get in but look at me here waiting til april 1st. im pathetic.

i need a haircut. i have thick hair so i have to get it cutt with edging scissors lol like a dog. i need to do my toes, eyebrows, nails, ugh i need to shave EVERYTHING, i feel like a hairy mongrol. lol is that how you even spelll that word? lol i dunno.

im done i need to change my background its bothering me xoxo

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Hmm [13 Mar 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So today danny left. i miss him already. our weekend umm friday we worked on my portfolio then i went to school for a meeting for the lenten prayer service then i went home and danny and i talked over the phone for like 3 hours as we watched some movie on crack lol

Saturday oh yes. i went to a meeting for the lenten prayer service then i went with my mom to munoz to get my dress made omg its so pretty im falling in love with it more and more then danny and i picked lindsay up and we all headed out to aventura mall. well lets just say we got detoured for lol an hour an a half, danny got upset lol and me and linz decided to just sit in the back and sleep. finally we got to the mall and i had like a urinary infection cus i had to pee so bad lol i went to pee 3 times lol we didn't find a thing in friggin aventura it was so sad lol and we lost danny when we were in bloomingdales lol we thought someone ate him lol it was funny, then we drove off to drop linz off and then danny and i headed to pembroke lakes, danny shopped and got two shirts, and i shopped and got a really pretty silvery shirt, there was a bit of a problem, having to do with his obsessive ex gf but we managed to get over it then we got ready for the "cast part" lol danny picked me up and we drove to the beach. we walked and talked on beach walk then went down to the water and layed in the sand and just held each other. then we went back to the parking lot and sat in his car and played seductive games lol i handcuffed him lol it was so hott, but umm i got a little antsy for more lol so we umm yeah in the car lol it was so fucking awesome but like i looked over to the car next to us and it looked like some guy was watching us lol so we stopped, and we met up with bencivenga and his friends lol but me and danny were all over each other so they got pissed and left us. then we went to 7/11 lol got a huge slurpee lol then left to the infamous dog park, lol it was so funny cus we fell asleep in the back seat and weren't doing a thing and this cop like came to the car and was like you guys need to find a better place to hang out lol. it was hilarious. then we went to my neighbors house cus my dad was there playing poker and danny and i fell asleep on my neighbors couch lol my stepmoms friend handed us a smirnoff lol it was hilarious cus my dad couldn't see a thing and we were being naughty lol then he left to go home.

sunday danny came over and we watched kill bill while my stepmom got ready then we went to la carreta and had lunch then danny and i drove to my aunts house cus it was my baby cousins bday and danny and i went into the bounce house and lol had some fun...seriously we bounced around lol you sickos lol then danny had to go so he left and i miss him already i want him back right now lol baby come back.

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OH MY GOD [10 Mar 2005|09:51pm]
Today, went to school and took my last exams then left to go to my sexy baby's house, he was so sad i was "driving like a slug" lol but finally i got there. we umm chilled for a while then um ya know for a while it was hott and heavy baby. then i left and then he came to pick me up like around 6 to go to outback with my stepmom then we drove to a secluded dog park lol and made out like 8th graders it was so cute lol then he dropped me off.

ugh before i continue i can't go to amanda's sweet 16 and im so pissed because its all on a ccount that my stupid dad's 3rd wedding is on that sunday i want to shoot him and his selfish ass i swear

ok back to the good stuff...well i guess to some people bad

phil says i need to stop this semen addiction lol because when danny leaves im going to go on withdrawal lol but i really love it lol i crave it lol im a nympho forgive me lol

give me your advice, is too much sex bad? i mean seriously im taking advangage of the fact that my bf is only here for a short amount of time so i mean think about that before you answer....thanks ur advice really counts

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Let's talk about....baby. [10 Mar 2005|12:59am]
[ mood | loved ]

My week so far has been incredible.

Monday-early release, went to cracker barrel with the whole gang again, but the coolest person that was there was TRANSPARENT LINDSAY! lol, and better....danny. we went to lunch then went to drop sholtis gay ass off, then went back to his house omg it was so funny we were umm in the act and his mom pulls up to the house, we got dressed in record time....3.5 seconds! yes! then we went t o work on my portfolio, and then went to Lefty's for dinner with his parents.

Tuesday- oh i showed up to school and forgot my shoes, lol. so i had to put some nasty freakish sneakers from the drama room on i swear i think i got like gout on my feet. firs exam a-okay, 2nd exam b-okay, all in all allright. in drama we were supposed to do manual labor but me and lindsay decided to lay in the fetal position behind the curtains so we woudln't have to work. then jay and john mutulated some innocent baby doll seriously they hung it and put stage blood all over it. gross. the rest of the day was blah then danny picked me up and we went back to his house where we just chilled and talked about honduran and mexican mayans, and koalas having pouches and platypie laying eggs then i went home, studied, watched american idol, and went to bed, but before then i decided since sasha's peri pelooga is dying that i would make me and lindsay some pets that would last.....and along came....starsky and hutch the carrots. lol. i bet they'll last longer then peri and his orange ass lol.

Wednesday-woke up late then took both my exams and decided eh i don't want to be in school, so i left. came to danny's where he had breakfast waiting (it was 10 am) yummy eggs, and bacon, and strawberries in whip cream, and toast....yeah baby! then we layed and relaxed for a bit and then we took a shower lol and then went to the bedroom for another 20 minutes lol then took a 5 min nap and now we're just chillin...
i'm watching danny groom himself....he first fixed his tape with a portable shaver then he actually shaved it with shaving cream then he washed his face then he dabbed his face with cleaner, now he is doing his hair, he gelled it and is wearing a rubber band to hold it down cus its "too short" aka...my boyfriend is a closet metrosexual. lol. he's so adorable.

tonight im going to church and to study for my anatomy test with lindsay and danny's going to go have lunch with his ex gf, don't ask me what i think about it im kind of thinking he is getting all hott for her, fuck him lol oh wait i did already oh it was glorious. im only saying all this becaues he is reading ovre my hsoulder and playing with post-its he's such a dork.

tommorrow are my last exams thank god, im having dinner with danny and my stepmom, then friday im chilling and friday night im going to dinner with...MY TIO ALBERT who is coming to town im so excied! then saturday, i have an appt witht he prom dress lady then im going to aventura with lindsay and danny then teh cast party....i dont even want to think about sunday because that is the day danny leaves...;( let's not go there. lol

ok i think i posted enough , comment guys c'mon!

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Woahwah [05 Mar 2005|11:17am]
Well its been ages since ive updated, and this isn't probably going to be long, im waiting for danny to come get me and my sister, we're gonna go see a movie, cute huh?

My week, hmm lets see,

Monday-early release, Desosa, Alex, Andrew, Kevin, and me went to Cracker Barrel, omg BISCUITS ROCK lol we had our fun there then went outside and sat on the rocking chairs, chatted, played checkers, and yeah that was it, then i went to pick up Carlos from school, and what happened....i got a flat tire on taft, which is where the ex works i was so scared i would run into him, but it was all ok ERIC came and fixed my car then i went to tire kingdom with my dad, got a new tire, a tire alignment, and an oil change so my car is somewhat in better condition...then it was off to rehearsals til 9!----i forgot about desosa and my feast lol its too gross to describe!

Tuesday-woke up exhausted wanted to just keel over and die from being so tired, i really don't remember anything else that happened this night, oh wait my dad called me and bitched at me for not doing the dishes lol wtf is that huh? i dunno umm yeah then rehearsals til 9 again!----the diet has to start after this play cus me and desosa pigged out again....caramel ice cream...hmmm.

Wednesday-Jonathan jumped on my back and i was giving him a piggy back ride in the library and i twisted my ankle it was kinda funny but my ankle was killing me! i was so tired again i fell asleep in every friggin class, at rehearsals we finally practiced the song, lol it was a disaster but w/e its all in fun. we left rehearsals around 9 again god damn these rehearsals.----the last and final feast...hmmm cake! (oh and sholtis became part of crew for the play yay! lol)

Thursday- long day that just wouldn't end, went to go get my eyebrows done, then went home to watch some tv, then went to curtain call around 5:45, it was raining it was cold i wanted to just fall asleep and the nervous jitters were starting to creep up on me, at curtain call caitlin and i took jason lick-my-sacs cd player and he was listening to alanis morrisett, omg we jammed to you oughta know it was friggin great, i felt so good afterwards i like vented out all my frustration i collapsed in satisfaction. then it was the first show. i suppose it went allright, i was nervous, i don't think i did so well, and of course my parents were MIA, its gettin old having to look out in the audience and not seeing ur father, w/e the play ended i was upset so i called danny, he didn't catch my drift about being upset and said ill call u back in 5 i was like wtf fine. an hour later he calls and i was too upset to talk. he imed me and i told him that i was upset and he didn't have time for me and i wanted to know what was so important that he had to click over. lindsay. i bawled. he chose her over me, supposedly she was contimplating suicide, as usual, and he feel for it. he hung up on me for her. i wanted to kill him, but he seemed to not realize that i was upset so w/e i forgave him but told him that im not number two to him and i shouldn't have to be because he's my number one, i cried he listened he apologized and we made up. i think it was our first fight, resolved alright, i love him still lol.

Friday- didn't want to go to school at all, but i knew i had to. i was late, phil came bak to school, he was sick for like a week i felt bad for cristi she must've missed him like crazy, after school lindsay came over and we pigged out then watched american idol (mond, tues, wed episodes) then got ready, we went to jamba juice and starbucks before the play, the jamba juice guy was so flirtin with me it was funny, then we went to the play but on flamingo there was a pony running down the street lol it was so sad but funny at the same time, then the play. it was better than last night but stilli know i could do better, oneida showed up with car and jess and gin and nancy, and of course DANNY HE CAME WITH AN FSU SHIRT and i kissed him like no tomm. and oneida freaked out cus i wasn't respecting her lol she needs to get a grip if she thinks she deserves more respect than i give her, lol w/e then danny and i went to his house, it was glorious let leave it at that...g2g post later!
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Pics [24 Feb 2005|07:29pm]
Here are the crazies....

Here is the one the only the SHOLTI

and here we are together
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Hmm [24 Feb 2005|06:21pm]
[ mood | cold ]

"A beautiful girl can make u dizzy, like you've been drinking jack and coke all morning, she can make u feel high, full a single greatest comodity known to man, promise, promise of a better day, promise of a greater hope, promise of a new tomorrow, and this particular aura can be found in the gate of a beautiful girl, in her smile, in her soul and the way she makes every rotten little thing about life seem like it's gonna be ok"

I had a dream, i was running through a field of flower, the lovely scent was all in the air

A smile was on my face, i was happy all was fine, and in my calm and serene world there just wasn't a care

My hand was flying waving throuhg the sky and in the other something that would catch your eye

An ipod, a most glorious thing, something that i would be next to until the day i die

Then an evil monster and his evil sidekick

Came over to me and got rid of it

They chuckled and laughed and rubbed their pleasure in my face

They were quite content since my happiness they erased

It was bella and valle those cocky ipod fucking dykes

So selfish and inconsiderate of my my ipod lacking life

The dream turned into a nightmare, i was no longer happy or content

Those two were giddy tho, in there pants pitching tents

An ipod turns anyone on, but only if you own one

And since i don't, i can't enjoy their fun!

If you've had this terror, freak you out at night

No that no matter what you'll never be allright

Until you get an ipod to make your world complete

You will be haunted forever, and ever in your sleep.

-my ode to the ipod dream.

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Rehearsals [24 Feb 2005|04:24pm]
I am here sitting in Fame rehearsals, bored out of my mind. I'm Lisa, the girl who get's kicked out of the dance department, its funny. I am really beginning to hate this play. This is my first mainstage play and my last, and well its a huge waste of time seriously. These little shits are so funny the underclassmen actors, they have so much hope in their eyes they are so excited and looking forward to their years here at McCarthy, such fools! lol. Anyways its my turn to go on stage so i guess ill ttyl comment guys i hate not being acknowledged!
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The incubus in him [23 Feb 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Southern girl:
Is everything a baited hook?
And are there locks on all doors?
If you're looking for an open book
Look no further, I am yours

We'll behave like animals
Swing from tree to tree
We can do anything
That turns you up and sets you free

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted
Southern girl
Could you want me?

So come outside and walk with me
We'll try each other on to see if we fit
And with our roots, become a tree
To shade what we make, under it

We'll behave like animals
Swing from tree to tree
We can do anything
That turns you up and sets you free

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted
Southern girl
Could you want me?

Here in my room:
This party is old and uninviting
Participants all in black and white
You enter in fullblown technicolor
Nothing is the same after tonight

If the world would fall apart
In a fiction worthy wind
I wouldn't change a thing
Now that you're here

Yeah, love is a verb here in my room
Here in my room, here in my room

You enter and close the door behind you
Now show me the world as seen from the stars
If only the lights would dim a little
I'm weary of eyes upon my scars

Pink tractor beam into your incision
Head spinning as free as dervishs' whirl
I came here expecting next to nothing
So thank you for being that kind of girl
That kind of girl

I love his depth....

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